Jun. 2nd, 2017

Holy shit it's been a fuckin' week! Six days without power. Now it's back on, yay! I guess now it's time to see if I can remember all this damn shit.

Let's start off back when there was power on Saturday. Jacques and I went out to put flyers for Memphis Concrète. So we went about places. Put 'em up at Two Rivers, Goner, 901 Comics, Otherlands, Shangri-La, Spin Street, Kwik Check. And went by a few others that didn't seem to have any flyers. Even went way out to Bartlett on a wild goose chase. But it's okay. I did some cd shopping at Shangri-La: The American Analog Set: Know by Heart, Diamanda Galás: Masque of the Red Death, John Coltrane: One Down, One Up: Live at the Half Note, Tortoise: Beacons of Ancestorship, and Isaac Hayes: Shaft soundtrack. What else? We went with Mary Beth to get some pizza at Rock N Dough. Later in the night Mary Beth and I went to watch Forbidden Planet. We get about halfway through the movie and the dvd just stops. Same thing in multiple players. So I guess it's good I find this out before the festival. Wasn't much we could do about that...then the storm hit. To me it seemed to come pretty quick. I hear wind real loud outside, the power goes out, and the wind seems to stop. It was the same kind of straight line winds that destroyed the building I'd been living in for two weeks back in 2003 (ol' "Hurricane Elvis"). So yeah, it was said to be the third worst power outage in Shelby County history. I didn't think a whole lot of it. Power goes out sometimes. So went to bed. But it lasted until midday today.

At some point on Sunday morning Mary Beth mentioned a news report that our street was closed off near the intersection right by our house. So I look out the window over there and everything seems normal (the stoplight is out, but all power's out all around there). So I go over to the other side of the house, look out and see a huge tree completely blocking the street right in front of the house next door. So that's something. So we need ice. Lots of places are without power and trees are down blocking road around the city as well as stoplights are out all over the place. I thought I'd see what I could get to walking. The gas station around the corner had its power out as well as the roof covering the pumps being bent up and damaged. I walked down to Cooper to check out the other gas station and cvs and fresh market but everything was without power. I'd noticed the nearby gas station had its door open. I had cash on hand so I'd see if they'd be willing to sell some ice before it melted. The guy there was willing to take cash so I brought back a bunch of ice and some batteries. Carrying the four bags of ice with those little thin string handles that cut into your hands back the two blocks was fun! In the late afternoon we went to Harbor Town to see Robyn Hitchcock. Getting there was a fun journey. Mostly just down North Parkway and it was mostly okay, but a tree completely blocked the road at one point and the underpass beneath Watkins was completely flooded. Taking a detour to pass over it, it looked like a river down there (it was all clear and normal by the time we came back home). The show was okay. Not a big fan of his or The Soft Boys. The weather was nice and cool and it seemed like it was going to rain but it didn't. That night Sarah was nice enough to let us come over and charge stuff. We brought some board games over and played some Splendor.

Monday was memorial day so I didn't have to work. We just...sat around with no power. Mary Beth and I played some board games together: first Splendor a bunch and then a bit of Dominion. I don't think there was much else to say about then, just mostly hanging out doing small stuff. Also Mary Beth did the main bulk of cleaning out the fridges/freezers and that was a bunch of trash to take out.

Tuesday I was back to work. I guess it was alright to get a break in some air conditioning. Oh, I'll also throw in that it was nice to realize that we have a gas water heater (also gas stove but we knew that). So we had showers. Okay, so work. And able to get stuff charged and all that. After work I watched The Thin Blue Line on my laptop. It was really good.

Wednesday. Came home to my eurorack case screws in the mail. I went ahead and took my railing off and reinforced and reassembled my case and now it's in stronger shape than ever since I've had it. Can't wait to finally put my modules back on it now that we have power! I did that in a hurry seizing the remaining daylight (and the rails kept flopping around and screws kept falling out but it eventually got done!). So I went up to the Rec Room for Nerd Night. The topics were Emily Dickinson, craftivism, and machine learning. I got there a little late so I missed the beginning of the Emily Dickinson one, but what I saw was pretty good. Though I was in the back and the volume was low and it was kinda hard to hear her. Stephanie who runs the whole thing did the one on craftivism. We met and kinda became friends with her and her husband (who happens to be the guy that did the one one education on the first Nerd Night that I was so impressed with). She was really good too. Her powerpoint game is pretty spot on. She even snuck in a very contemporary reference (to something that had only happened the night before) with her slide (around discussing some french words relating to sewing circle kinda things during the French Revolution and how she's bad at french) about "le covfefe" (and it meaning "village idiot"). It was actually really funny, nice quick powerpoint maneuvering there. The title of her lecture was something about "pussyhat riot" (also rife with allusions). The last one on machine learning was also really good. A lot about the unintended consequences in several areas (from sexism/racism to just flat out invasiveness with the drives of big data, but it wasn't from a completely negative perspective as this is the area the guy works in, just more about understanding what there is to understand about it and what to be careful of).

Now we're at Thursday. I got stuck on a dumb production issue and ended up coming home late. Mostly I'm just there sitting on the phone call that I'm not really able to do anything about. Anyway, I get home just in time for Mary Beth and I to go out to the Brand New Congress meeting. There was a guy talking about criminal justice reform and he had a lot of stats of stuff you know about, but hearing some of these specific numbers paints it even a more dire light than you'd even imagine (knowing full well how bad it all is). Got a big portable screen frame (and shower curtain) in the mail. Put it together today. Hopefully it should make a pretty good "backstage" for the festival.

Today I woke up having a rash all over my body. It might be a heat rash. It's everywhere I was laying on the covers (where the bed was making feel hotter, could also have been the sheet not having been washed for over a week and sweating profusely into it in that time and the dirtiness irritating my skin, not sure). People at work thought I was sunburned. I did finish reading Knight's Gambit by William Faulkner at work and it was good, especially the titular novella that took up the plurality of it. Took off work early 'cuz of staying late yesterday. Mary Beth had ordered a replacement for Forbidden Planet, was supposed to be dual format but it was only blu ray. Back to the drawing board! Anyway, here we are! I hope I've remembered everything about this powerless week. If not maybe I'll remember and share some more. But it feels really good to be back home with electricity!

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