May. 27th, 2017


May. 27th, 2017 08:43 am
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Mary Beth and I took a walk up to Overton Park, taking advantage of the early start yesterday afternoon. We walked a bit in the forest. What else? I mocked up an additional flyer for the festival for "secondary target" locations. Heavy use of microgramma. I also expanded the main flyer to be 8.5x11 and added more information in that extra space. So I took the three designs (the main poster with art, the secondary poster with words, and the big movie poster) up to kinkos to get 'em printed. The guy there was really nice and he helped me to get it all figured out with the prices and quantities and materials (as my order was a bit convoluted). But I got the plain design on some nice colored paper and the rest was on nice glossy paper. I was going to get the regular poster with most on plain paper and some on glossy, but he printed out the "plain" ones and they looked glossy to me (I don't know if the wrong paper was in the tray or something or just the plain color paper is that nice, but it feels like the same stock as the big ones which were on glossy) so I went with all glossy. Okay, I'll quit before I fall TOO deeply into this pit of tedious levels of detail. Later at night Mary Beth and I finished up the fourth season of Brooklyn 99. They're really into upping the ante on the whole cliffhanger thing each year! Also, had a dream about the festival. It's like, I was there and it was going on. The movie was first and I didn't think anything, but then the first regular act started playing and I realized I hadn't done any of the prep I had planned. I wasn't recording. I didn't have any food or drinks. Nothing was set up and I was just there watching. So it was a bit of a panic kinda thing. But then on the good side, there were a lot of people there. And it was weirdly in some theater and they had snacks anyway so the food/drinks wasn't as bad of an issue (Crosstown Arts, the actual venue does not so I can't let my dream play out and not plan!).

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