May. 25th, 2017

Mary Beth and I ended up going to the end of the tape art thing at the Brooks yesterday. There'd been a mural of sorts on the building done in blue tape. Yesterday was the ceremony of taking it all down. We walked over and just as we hit the park it started raining pretty hard. So we were soaking wet. We got there and got to look at it at least. There were a couple food trucks and the weather situation made the grilled cheese truck seem very appealing (along with the wet it'd also gotten a bit cold). Them grilled cheese sandwiches was good! Later, I mounted the medium reverb tank inside my case. So that's something. Got not enough sleep last night so I'm in that state. Started off a new pi at work today. Got home to a bunch of nuts in the mail (of the "and bolts" variety). These are for my case so I can finally fix it. Well, while they're the right screw-hole size, the other dimensions are too big and they won't fit in the rail. So that's kinda balls. I may need to talk to the manufacturer and see if I can get help from that front.

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