May. 20th, 2017


May. 20th, 2017 10:05 am
ateolf: (synth & boobs)
Thursday night I went to the gym. It had been a while. So it was good to go, and then I was tired. Yesterday was pretty cool. Work was work, less slow, doing stuff. After work I had some fun things in the mail! My medium sized reverb tank along with a new little module: 2HP Turing Machine. Pretty excited about that. Now I need some time to tear my machine apart again to put this fun stuff inside. I also got some rca cables and this cd: John Cage: Shock Vol. 3. I went over to Luis's with my modular for a jam session. It was fun, I got to fumble about with my new (not newest) modules. The noise my machine makes keeps coming up when I play with other people. I should probably figure out what's going on there. Luis is more into midi and sequencing/composing stuff out. Whereas I'm here with stuff I haven't played with very much in forever just making a racket. It was fun though. Different approaches can complement each other. We also just sat around and talked a good while. He had some concerns about my proposed stage setup for Memphis Concrète so I've got some stuff to think about there.

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