May. 12th, 2017


May. 12th, 2017 05:22 pm
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Yesterday was a pretty great day. It was the Hackathon at work so that was fun. My team was working on this commissions calculator which sounds pretty boring, but we worked on implementing a business rules engine, which was a new and kinda exciting thing. I had looked into it ahead of time. Took a little while to get working. One thing is we had too many business people on the team and they kept talking all morning going back and forth about the rules and scope. Well, I eventually got an example working with the rules engine so that was awesome. Then in the afternoon tried to get started with our rules and then we're hit with a goddamn array of months for the input and the business rules engine is based on xml and it isn't working at all with the array (only processing the first item for input and output). So that's where we ended up. A little frustrating, but whatever. I know hacky ways around it, but was trying to do something better. Anyway, overall a pretty fun day.

After work Mary Beth and I went up to Marshall Arts for this show that I knew was gonna be awesome. This guy I kinda just met online Luis, who runs an experimental electronic label out of Portugal, is trying to start up this series of shows called Sounder and this was the first one. A couple of Memphis Concrète acts were playing: Aster and Cheap Spirits. They were really good. There was also Mystic Vale and that was good too. There was a dj playing nice stuff and Nate brought his modular for a sort of hands on demo. Real good time. Amy (I think that's her name) from that Sonospheres podcast was there as well. She's bringing Wu Fei, who played Big Ears but we missed, to Memphis in a couple months so that's pretty exciting.

Okay now we're at today. Pretty slow at work. Got off a little early 'cuz I'd stayed late for the Hackathon. Oh, I almost forgot. Every year we get a goodie bag. This time I got something pretty sweet. A little box that has speakers and you put your smartphone on it and it amplifies the audio. A pretty nice portable way to rock out on trips and hanging out outside and such.

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