May. 1st, 2017


May. 1st, 2017 06:27 pm
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It was the last day with Mary Beth's parents yesterday. They came over and we went up to the Metal Museum. We stayed to watch a pouring from the foundry (a small foundry and a small pouring but it was still pretty cool to watch...pretty warm? har har). The folks were really into it. Later at night we all met my dad and Jason at Gus's and enjoyed that bit of deliciousness. Now they're off, back towards their home (and stuck in dc for many more hours due to a cancelled flight, air travel's pretty bullshit these days, eh?). Work was pretty regular and we went grocery shopping tonight 'cuz we didn't have the opportunity over the weekend. Oh. I forgot to mention the fun tourist attraction her parents got to witness (though I'm not sure they actually noticed, Mary Beth didn't). There was a drug deal as we were driving around right in front of us. Car in front of us slowed down before a light and this guy crossed to the middle of the street in a pretty coordinated fashion. I thought he was homeless and getting money at first but he walked away with a white bag in his hand. The thrills of urban living!

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