Apr. 29th, 2017


Apr. 29th, 2017 04:01 pm
ateolf: (Knoxville Boi)
Got up this morning to do stuff with Mary Beth's parents around town. Though they ended up being like oh we'll meet up later. So we went to the Palestine Fest in Overton Park anyway and had some awesome food and visited a booth learning about english words with arabic origins as well as our names written in arabic (it makes total sense but I don't think I realized that the arabic alphabet also descended from phoenician as well). And grabbed some t-shirts. It's nice out today if windy (Mary Beth thinks it's too hot though). Then we went to this crafts popup shop thing at Midtown Crossing Grill. While there Mary Beth's parents called wanting to meet up earlier than they'd said anyway. So back home to meet them. We went and ate at Payne's and it was fucking divine as always. Then what? Then some driving around. We went and showed them the old mansions in Victorian Village. We went and chilled for a bit at Loflin Yard and they seemed pretty into it. More driving around. A peek in the Crosstown Concourse, some stuff is there now but still not a whole lot yet. We went by Overton Park again so they could see the Shell. Then a stop in Two Rivers Bookstore. They have a whole lot of old sci-fi books, a lot of the same ones that Mary Beth's father collects. So he was pretty into it, but I think was even more into the fact that the employee there is trans so they talked a bit. Now we're back home. Huzzuh!

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