Apr. 28th, 2017


Apr. 28th, 2017 07:40 pm
Did the gym last night. Came home and did another writing session. Did my twenty minutes (maybe plus a little) and finished another story! This one the chinese restaurant one. Had a team lunch at work today (manager's treat, aw yeah!) So I ate a bunch of noodles at Mosa. Oh I forgot that I got called by work about a damn production issue last night after 11. I didn't really do anything but that time I put in I was able to leave early today. Mary Beth's parents arrived in town today. I met them all at the hotel after work. Mary Beth and I went and picked up catfish from this soul food place around the corner: Peggy's Heavenly Home Cooking. It was really damn good. The blackeyed peas were also really damn good. Now we're back home. Oh, in the realm of communications... Got a message back from Nots last night that they won't be able to play the festival after all. My face is sad. I did reach out to Natalie this morning to see if she'd be interested in doing a solo set, but we'll see. Also got an email from my employer yet again about the no raises situation. This time they really expect that it'll be the last time it's deferred for a month. How very reassuring! (That shit was all sarcastic in case you didn't pick it up.)

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