Apr. 26th, 2017


Apr. 26th, 2017 09:42 pm
ateolf: (Zelda)
Was good and did another bit of writing last night (twenty plus minutes or so, lost track 'cuz the timer didn't seem to finish its countdown for some reason). So I finished up another story, this one the one about the "nurse" (at Mary Beth's request, well, she didn't literally request it but had offhand mentioned liking it so I thought that'd be a good endorsement for what I'd focus on). Anyway, after work today I went with Patrick to see The Red Turtle. Well, there was a gap so we had dinner and then saw it at the theater right by work (Ridgeway). It had sold out too, so glad I picked out the tickets early. It was really good. The animation was good and I'm a sucker for nonverbal things. Not sure what Patrick thought as he's a big Studio Ghibli fan and this wasn't a typical Studio Ghibli movie. He said it was "interesting" and not what he'd expected. It was also surprisingly violent...that's not quite the right term, not violent violent but nature violent. This still makes it sound more extreme than it actually is. Anyway, kinda blathering and I enjoyed the movie a lot. I joked afterwards that the whole thing is a revenge movie, but it's enacted by a turtle so it takes a really really long time. Go watch it so you can realize how funny that joke is.

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