Mar. 18th, 2017


Mar. 18th, 2017 08:50 pm
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Last night Mary Beth and I got some pizza and stayed in and watched MST3K (Mitchell, the passing of the torch). Okay then there's today. I woke up and went to that writers' workshop (the one we got a preview of last month, I think, and we now joined). Mary Beth has been sick so she stayed home (plus we're sharing a membership anyway). It was pretty good, a sparse crowd this week but I thought I got some pretty good stuff in the prompts (or uh more unfinished stuff to add to the pile...maybe I should actually finish it someday?). Then we went on a walk over to the park. While in the woods Mary Beth read "Bloodchild" by Octavia Butler to me and it was really really good. Okay after that it was off for an evening of errands. We went to Aldi for the first time. Then to target to get some stuff (and girl scout cookies being sold nearby!). Then grocery stuff. Pretty excited 'cuz I got some fair trade chocolate syrup at Whole Foods. I haven't had straight up chocolate milk in forever! Now we're home. Alright!

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