Mar. 11th, 2017


Mar. 11th, 2017 11:59 am
ateolf: (Zelda)
Must have been more tired than I thought 'cuz I passed out at like 9 Thursday night. But hey there I was woken up all nice and refreshed yesterday. Work was okay, kinda boring, kinda hard to concentrate as it was a Friday with stuff going on and all. There was a training on "solid" coding principles that was kinda boring. I mean some good information I guess but still kinda boring. Then in the afternoon, having mostly been in training/meetings all morning and knowing there was a party thing right after work it was a little hard to be productive. Stephen was having his going away party (as yesterday was his last day and he's leaving to work at some startup). So yeah I'm leaving work and on my way over to the Rec Room and getting on the interstate in rush hour traffic and all that and one of the fucking tires I'd bought the day before goes flat. So yeah, I have the fun task of changing my tire on the side of the interstate in rush hour traffic. Then I dropped the damn thing back off at Firestone to leave overnight (I think it's ready now, I missed a call while I was still asleep though I wasn't able to call the number back for some reason). Anyway, after all that shit I made my way to the Rec Room. It was catered with Central barbecue so that was awesome. Other than that it was the usual back and forth between Burger Time and Galaxian. Talked to some coworkers some. Yeah. After that I came back home and hung out with Mary Beth. We watched Eraserhead together (she'd never seen it before). It's been a while since I'd seen it so it's nice to revisit one of my favorite movies. After that we watched a Jen Kirkman standup special on netflix that was pretty funny. Now it's the next day!

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