Feb. 28th, 2017

ateolf: (synth & boobs)
Got down to work on my little "I Am Sitting in a Room" python script for the festival (basically emulating the basic premise of the original piece, it records for a set length of time onto one file and then plays it back while simultaneously recording onto another file and then it repeats continually switching the files). Anyway, a little frustrated last night as I almost got it working but ran into some python-specific issues where it couldn't switch so it would continually record one file and continually play another file back. I got it fixed early this morning after I finished getting this other work-related thing I'd been working on to work (how many times can I cram the word "work" together at once?). So I didn't get to REALLY test it out but I did some quiet little tests with my built-in laptop speakers. So I'm pretty excited about that (also excited I got the work thing working). I worked on it some last night while Mary Beth was watching She-Ra. The sound/music on that show was pretty awesome! (I'm sure it's the same stuff on He-Man too as it's all based around recycled and interchangeable parts...the Hanna-Barbera way!). Today at work I had to do a demo in front of people. I'd made the video yesterday, but then it's kinda technical so the product owner wanted me to speak too. Ugh. There were so many damn people in that room but it went okay, relatively speaking. I just hate talking in public in front of people. What else? Oh, got a nice festival boon from Rare Nnudes records (with two confirmed artists and two possible artists confirmed by the end of the weed). Also, the guy in Cleveland, MS got in touch with a guy in Oxford, MS so the number of artists is on the rise. Was kinda in a slump for a bit with responses dying down so that's nice. Anything else? That's it for now.

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