Feb. 26th, 2017


Feb. 26th, 2017 03:26 pm
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Yesterday Mary Beth and I did some stuff. After the store we went downtown to Art Village Gallery and looked at some art and it was pretty good, but the main objective was them showing this movie downstairs: Who Does She Think She Is? about women artists (especially visual arts but there was a singer in there too) with the focus on being an artist and a mother. It was a good documentary. After that we wandered a little on Main St. We went to this little bookstore we were always driving by back when we were picking up Horace's meds every other week. I didn't think it was particularly great but Mary Beth picked up a good amount of stuff. They mentioned Heather's bookstore too. And while there we thought we'd have breakfast/dinner at The Arcade. And it was good and we ate a bunch (they forgot our beignets but it was for the best since we'd've been too full anyway). Mary Beth also got us t-shirts. Nice. Then back home and our fullness facilitates us just passing out on the bed in full clothes including shoes and coats. Luckily we woke up in time to go to the panel being sponsored by Out Memphis on ethics and porn and it was these two guys who'd been in gay porn, one older back in the 80s/90s and the other more recent. It was kind've interesting on their contrasting takeaways given their situations. The one that made it out better financially and health-wise (still making money on the work he'd done, avoiding drugs and diseases) says he would not do it again and wouldn't recommend anyone else to ever do it. The younger guy who was in it more recently and quit more than retired (because he didn't have money saved up because the escort work he was doing got him hooked into a bad drug problem and also he's hiv positive) now along with his interior design business also works as an agent for aspiring porn actors and tries to give advice to keep people from making the mistakes he did and encourages people as long as they are smart about it and also says he he would do it again if he had the chance. Anyway, that contrast was interesting. It was a good talk anyway.

Today The Family Ghost got together. Jacques brought his friend Jack in to play the bass. So we worked on this Karl Hendricks Trio cover ("What You're Queen of Now"). The other guys were working out the song and it was coming along pretty well. I was working on engineering and getting mics set up to get it recorded. Now I know I really need some more xlr mics. We got a recording but we'll probably redo it. The bass and guitar were being recorded into one single mic and that was a little weird. I think I did well with what we had, but it was kinda rushed 'cuz Jack had to leave pretty soon when we did the final take. Well, we'll revisit it anyway.

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