Feb. 7th, 2017


Feb. 7th, 2017 09:03 pm
I was so excited today 'cuz we finished, along with testing, the preferences api. This big piece of our pi's work being done! Then we find out this post deployment step is failing and it's 'cuz of specflow tests (more automated testing in addition to the unit tests we wrote). Didn't really know about that and we didn't touch them, didn't even realize they were there. Ugh, so more to do after all! Won't go away. Anyway, after work I went up to the National Civil Rights Museum for this thing there called Memphis 101, sort of a little history lesson on the city. It was pretty cool. There was free Central Barbecue and got to learn a bit about stuff. I probably knew most or a lot of it but there was some new stuff. Like, like? Maybe some details about Crump. I didn't know anything about American Studios. It was also pretty interesting talking about how different things connected to civil rights in maybe non-obvious ways. Oh, and I got this cd in the mail: Myths 1: Instructions for Survival (it's Sub Rosa's first release and also contains a Camberwell Now song that's not anywhere else!).

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