Jan. 26th, 2017

ateolf: (Zelda)
Went to Nerd Night at the Rec Room last night. It's a new thing where they get a few (three, I guess, that's what it was last night) speakers to speak on a nerdy subject of their choice. Mary Beth's new friend Ashley was there and so was the Nate dude from that little synth meetup Dustin arranged and they're friends so small world and worlds colliding and stuff. The first speaker (also friends with Ashley, they both run Impossible Language together I believe) spoke about the whole Paul's dead thing. I'm obviously not a Beatles fan but all that's pretty entertaining. The second speaker spoke about education and the myth of the Great Teacher and how that plays into Teach for America and problems with the education system and the history of how they developed. Naturally, I was rapt with attention. The last guy owns a newish comic book shop in town and talked about the importance of building a scene of nerdiness and the importance of cons in maintaining a geek culture in town. I managed to get some Burger Time and Galaxian in, though I played poorly.

Work was alright today. I worked an extra hour so I can get off early tomorrow. Talked to Zach a little bit and looks like he won't be going with us to St. Louis, he has some friend in from out of town. That's cool, more rawk for me! Or not. Also it was slightly stressful 'cuz I had a bit of a talk with my manager. Not about me but about one of my team members. It was implied that while Spandana was hired at a senior developer level, she may not be performing up to that level. He asked how I thought she was doing. We haven't had a whole lot of code going on. I've reviewed her code but it's pretty much been models so that's not a lot to go on. I mean, I have had some intimations where I've had to help her with some things, but everyone needs help and has different experiences with different stuff. And she's also seemed fine on her own with other things. But I guess she's hired at a pay scale with experience much greater than that of us fast trackers. I said I haven't seen enough 'cuz and he said we'd talk about it again in a few weeks. The wee bit of responsibility I have raising its ugly head!

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