Jan. 21st, 2017

ateolf: (zoo and you)
Mary Beth and I went to the march organized by the peace and justice center yesterday evening. It at first didn't seem like there were a lot of people there when we gathered in the park, but by the time we were marching it felt like a good number. We walked down Beale St. and Main St. to city hall. I didn't make a sign but they had signs there to give out and I took one that says "oppose racist immigration laws." Then today there was the women's march and it was a huge crowd (the Saturday advantage). Probably a few thousand marching. We starting at the Shelby County Court and walked down Second to the National Civil Rights Museum. The numbers were nice. Instead of just the sidewalk we took up the whole street and it went in both directions farther than I could see (at least past the signs). Again, I hadn't made a sign but Mary Beth and I took turns holding the one she made. I had signed up to do cleanup afterwards. We waited around and there didn't seem to be any clear gathering of people cleaning or anything. It was also pretty clean after everyone left. So after I didn't see anyone who might be leading any sort of centralized cleaning effort, I just picked up the few bits of trash I saw on the ground and we left. Anyway, glad I went to both marches. Other than that, last night I watched Muriel, or the Time of Return and it was good.

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