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Mary Beth and I went downtown last night. We stopped by Scoops Parlor and had some scoops of delicious bourbon ice cream. It's that place across from The Arcade that you usually see and think about stopping at only after you've just eaten at The Arcade and you're painfully full so that's off the table. We were going to go to this screening of this documentary about Orange Mound at Clayborn Temple but we got there an hour early thinking it was starting an hour earlier than it did. We went away but never ended up making it back. Later, I finished editing the last Memphis Conr├Ęte set that Amy asked for for the Sonosphere podcast.

This morning I picked up my last paycheck from Cook. Now, yeah, now I'm no longer employed by them. I did get pretty pissed off when I asked about my accrued pto and they let me know they don't pay any of it out. Motherfuckers. Really, fuck those cheap ass fucking fucks. Good thing I at least kinda recently took time off for the festival. I have a whole week that I'm about to take so there's all this time saved up and they're not doing shit about it. Fucking motherfuckers. I've never had a job fuck you over like that. If I'd've known I would have taken off a bunch of time (though knowing them they probably just wouldn't've approved it or some shit). Anyway, that aside, you know those dreams where you're back in school and suddenly find out you have to do a presentation and you didn't know and you're completely unprepared? Well, I had a similar scenario at work today. Not that drastic, but still. I got a message asking if I was coming to a certain room number. I said okay and went and there's all these people filling the room. I ask what's going on and it turns out they're doing the thing where all the teams present their epics for the upcoming pi and read out what they're doing and size it and people ask questions etc. I hadn't been included on the email invitation so I was completely unaware of it. Now they're doing it where all the tech leads are the ones who do the read-out (in the past, it was the product owner). We did the meeting on our stuff before and there's already a printed sheet with our information prepared by our product owner. But during the first few teams' readings, I had to go through that sheet to familiarize myself with what I had to talk about. It didn't end up being bad, we did talk about this stuff yesterday or the day before, but just that surprise of coming into a room and finding out I'm going to have to speak in front of a bunch of people and I didn't know anything about it. I was freaking out a little bit at first. It was much better organized than these things had been in the past (before it was always everyone in the same room, and there were two groups doing it at once and it was crowded and hard to hear anyone and kinda chaos, this time they split up the different groups into different sessions so there's only one person talking at a time and more organized and less chaos, the only bad thing was the lack of advanced warning). After work I ran and grabbed Mary Beth and we went up to Asian Palace for Courtney's birthday. A bunch of people were there. Even saw Shefali who I hadn't seen in well over a decade. Though I think my armpits stank and Josh smelled them so that's pretty embarrassing. Came home to a package from the Barnes and Nobel Criterion sale: Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, Ghost World, Blow-Up, Bicycle Thieves, and Stalker (the last one was a pre-order and it's really not even out til next Tuesday, so I super-have to make sure I watch it before then to uh, I dunno, make the most of it or something?).
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