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Yesterday evening I met Luis up at Kroger. He's about to go on a trip to Portugal so I was going to pay him for the merch sold at the show, some of which he wanted paid in Memphis Concrète t-shirts for his labelmates back in the old country. We also stood around the Kroger parking lot a while and chatted about shit. Right as we were leaving, a guy came up to us with some sage advice. That we shouldn't shop there, instead we should go to Cash Saver. He had an expressively disdainful face to match. Kroger charges too much, as he looked with disgust at his crumpled receipt. He would have gone to Cash Saver but for an unfortunate event where he was banned for disorderly behavior, due to having been drunk at the time. Well, then after a night of restful sleep it was back to work today. What else? I think that's about it for now.
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