Jul. 9th, 2017 09:56 am
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My modular isn't broken after all! And my power supply is sufficiently adequate! What was the problem?, you ask. Me being dumb, as usual. As I said, it's approaching full so it's getting a bit crammed in there as I install the modules towards the end and try to reach behind them with dwindling space. I'd plugged on module only halfway into the pins so the circuit was broken and I guess it's all in serial or something. Or maybe more likely there's some kind of shut-off mechanism if something weird is going on with the power. So after unplugging a bunch of modules and looking around with a flashlight at the remaining internal connections, I found that problem and solved it. A little later I found that I'd committed the cardinal sin with my new 4MS module: I'd plugged it in upside down! The red stripe was going UP and everything! Luckily, it's a module with stellar build quality and protections against user stupidity so it's fine. Everything else was powering on, none of its lights were on but it was my first time using it and I didn't know if any would be on while not being used. But as soon as I connected a patch cable from another module to it, everything shut down. So I knew something was wrong and then, derp. Okay. So once I got everything in functioning and normal order again I played around with it for a good bit. I'm so relieved it didn't end up being anything worse and everything is able to work fine. I do need to be a damn deal more careful though, yikes!

What else yesterday? Mary Beth and I went up to Two Rivers where Impossible Language was being held. It was packed as hell. Had to stand in the back. It was also really hot with more people in there than it's meant to hold. But it wasn't too long. Heather had to be somewhere so it was going to close relatively early. The readings were good. After that Mary Beth and I went to La Michoacana and had some paletas! Woohoo! First time there since they moved to the new location. I don't think I knew they were in a new location. It's in the same strip mall thingie, but in a bigger shop a few doors down. It's real nice. Much like the original but bigger. The colors are nice and pastel and bright. Then we went to Overton Park. Squirrel Nut Zippers were playing a free concert at the Shell. We parked kinda nearby and walked over. We stayed a little bit. More to just hang out in the general area. It was crowded as hell. We stood nearby for a few songs and then walked around the park some, mostly towards the war memorial area. After getting home I finished watching I Love Dick and it was really good. More tv. That's about it for now.

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