Jul. 8th, 2017 09:07 am
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So I put in my two new modules, get my case reorganized, everything set up and ready to go. Then I plug it in and none of the modules are powering up. The case has power, the lights on the case and power supply are lighting up, but none of the modules are lighting up. Two things I can think of. My case is almost full (where it's starting to be a real pain to put things in with the limited open area I have to reach and get behind stuff) so the modules I put in may be the straw that "broke" the power supply's back (more power being drawn than it can handle). That's pretty likely. I'm pretty sure the Morphagene is a power-sucker. I can try unplugging a few things and seeing if that gets the rest running. The other thing it might be is I plugged something in wrong and fucked some shit up. Here's hoping it's not that. I may end up having to upgrade my power supply which will be a pain in the butt, but we'll see. That'd be better than breaking all my shit, of course.

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