Jul. 5th, 2017 06:21 pm
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Yesterday Mary Beth and I met my dad for a late lunch at Gus's. So that was, of course, delicious. After that we took a little bit of a walk in Overton Park. What else? I did some editing of the festival music. Saturday's recordings don't sound nearly as bad as I was anticipating from my cursory sampling. I edited out two of the sets and one of 'em I ran through the software I'd gotten for cleanup and it did well, the other didn't need it (it was a little noisy anyway and trying out the cleanup software did some weird phasing and it really didn't need it anyway, I don't think). Also, Mary Beth and I started in on Fargo as well as the third season of Broad City. We also played some more Decipher. I think that's the main heft of our holiday pseudo-weekend. It was a pretty great time together, me and Mary Beth. Today it was back to work. Fine, did some work. I finally got an email from hr about being hired on. I was sent a link to fill out the application. So hopefully I'll be hearing back soon with my offer. We shall see. Also, I neglected to mention in an earlier post that the Tuesday before last I finished reading Arcadia by Tom Stoppard, which is a shame as I wanted to talk some about how great it was. I mean, the whole thing is really good, but as it builds up into that last scene where the timelines are overlapping it jumps up even more degrees of amazingness. I could word that better, I'm sure, but whatever.
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