Jul. 3rd, 2017 02:27 pm
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Yesterday evening Mary Beth and I went downtown and took a walk across the Big River Crossing (the walkway across the old train bridge that's on the side where cars used to drive across...a hundred years sixty-eight years ago...on wooden beams as evinced by the ruins). Anyway, hadn't done it yet so it was pretty cool to do so. We walked all the way across the Arkansas and back. The effect of the air being just slightly hazy gave a painterly cast the the whole of the scenery. Also enjoyed, as it was getting dark, watching all the spiders rapidly and methodically repairing their webs. I'd been working on this thing in angular 2, uploading a file and all. I'd been having trouble. The ui came together fast but making it work wasn't happening. This morning I had my breakthrough in what I was missing and boom it started to click! Anyway, it was a nice quick part of a day at work and now I'm off early 'cuz of the holiday tomorrow! Pretty nice, yo.

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