Jun. 28th, 2017 05:30 pm
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Work was alright today. Trying to get this angular 2 junk installed and working. We had Mempops again. This time I got pineapple coconut and it was good. My manager talked to me and, while I still haven't gotten my offer, he said someone from hr will be doing it soon and that I'm going to be bumped up straight to application developer 2 (originally he'd said I'd come in at level 1 and would have a chance of going up after a year, but since I'm a tech lead they're trying to have us all at level 2). So that should be having a positive impact on my salary offer when it comes! That's pretty exciting, I must say. But I shouldn't get all over-excited if I haven't seen anything yet. I forgot that apparently yesterday, one of my songs was played on wevl on the Bubblegum Trash show. Didn't know that it's hosted by Amy who does the Sonosphere podcast. That's pretty awesome. A couple friends told me about hearing it. It was "Somnolent Machinery" (the one I'd put on the Memphis Concrète playlist (speaking of which, I should give that another listen, been a while and it's so good!)). She played a few others off it from other people playing the festival. So yeah, cool stuff. Oh today ended kinda annoying with the most obnoxious teeth-pulling meeting (following an obnoxious teeth-pulling email chain) about a deployment where someone who has nothing to do with it at all is putting on these obnoxious restrictions and we kept having to repeat the same thing over and over and over. But that's done.
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